We are Doxa Design.

With over 25 years experience, Doxa Design offers a wide array of services meeting your immediate and growing needs from logos and branding, to web design and social media, print and online advertising, corporate packaging and all marketing solutions.

Design | Branding

Branding is the unique representation that expresses your visual or corporate identity and is the image that people will associate with your company or organization.

It should be easily recognizable as well as attractive. It needs to reflect the character, function and vision of your business or organization and differentiate you from your competition. A strong visual identity will increase your company’s image. A trademark is a brand with a legal protection. The logo is the graphical representation of your visual identity. Your logo should be unique, dynamic, bold, versatile and have great depth.

Logos need to work in many formats: colour, black and white, in reverse, small or large and on web pages, social media, signage and promotional materials. More precisely, logos must be effective with all media, print, web or advertising.

Design | Web

Innovative, original and custom-designed for your needs and expectations. Your web presence is your online footprint and the means to reach your customers.

Your website’s design needs to reflect your visual identity and branding. Likewise, we strive to keep continuity in design between your website, print, online material and any marketing tools that you may require.

We endeavour to deliver more than just a web page. We can assist you in developing and connecting your social media platforms and optimizing your website so that it is an effective marketing tool.

Using a platform that you can also access, gives the client the freedom to update their own website. We offer personalized training.

Design | Art Direction

An art director ensures that the vision of the company or organization is communicated visually successfully.

We help and assist the client through the first brainstorming consultation to implementing a strategy that will connect all the visual and advertising pieces together to ensure continuity in design through every element that is produced.

We provide branding and advertising strategies, photography direction, product direction, and marketing solutions.

Design | Packaging

Doxa Design has unique expertise with package design and we provide support every step of the process. From creative design to pre- and post-production we work with your requirements: 4-color process, spot, mix of both, output to negative or positive films (yeah, that’s old school now!) and digital formats.

We can take your existing packaging and refresh it with a new design to be more competitive and visually attractive. We can work with you to elaborate a new vibrant package to properly market your product. And we can easily incorporate additional languages to reach a worldwide marketplace.

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